The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world.

DKGaming is my home on the internet. I'm an indie video game developer based out of Edmonton, Alberta. Click below to check out my latest app, Quack Attack, on Google Play!

About Me

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I'm a graduate of the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. I graduated with honours from the Digital Media and IT program, with a specialization in Game Programming.

Tech Savvy

I've been using computers, tinkering with gadgets and playing games since forever - I might as well have been born with a keyboard in my hand.


I've got experience in Unity, HTML, C# and Vegas, on top of dabbling in a little bit of everything from video editing to 3D modelling.


I've worked on projects for clients in the past, including the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital, and am up for hire, willing to work on any project.

Watch the reveal trailer for the hotly anticipated (and promptly cancelled) new game.

Invasion of the Interdimensional 25th Anniversary Edition DX was a little project I created during my time at NAIT, and I made a trailer for it to showcase more of my talents in one video.


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